Sightseeing Place at Dalhousie

At Dalhousie Resorts we do not just deal with your engagements throughout your stay at our resort, additionally verify that your tour in Dalhousie turn into a noteworthy experience forever!

A portion of the best Sightseeing in Dalhousie is:

The Kalatope – Khajjiar Wild Life Sanctuary

The Kalatop is found around the Lakkar-Mandi zone on Dalhousie and has a wonderful scene secured with deodar, blue pine & fir backwoods with a perspective of the snow topped Pir Panjal wood range. The asylum is home to the Black Bear, Leopard, Barking Deer, Ghural, and so forth. The range is likewise rich in flying creature life – Pheasants, Flycatchers, Thrushes, Magpies, Monal, and Tragopan, Galiz and Lammergeyers and so forth.


Khajjiar prominently known as Mini Switzerland is a spot with charming verdant knolls arranged betwixt the deodar trees in Chamba valley. Khajjiar is roosted at an elevation of 1981 meters above ocean level, offering beautiful, brilliant qualities of nature vistas. It is renowned for its tranquil excellence and a tenth century sanctuary committed to the master of the snakes.


Dainkund Peak, roosted at an elevation of 2755 meters, is the most elevated mount in Dalhousie. Voyagers can revel in 360o perspective of the whole valley from this top and it structures kind of sightseeing Himachal Pradesh. The sound of the breeze passing through the trees makes a musical sound, because of which this top has likewise obtained the name, the singing rise.

Chamera Dam Lake

chamera-dum-lakeThe Chamera Dam Lake lies on the course to Chamba at an estimated separation of 36 kilometers from the core of the city The Chamera Lake is the simulated supply constructed alongside the dam and because of the unlucky deficiency of sea-going life in the lake, it is the center of different water games close to the city of Dalhousie. The speedboat moonlight trip over such a colossal water body is a onetime experience.



Jandhri Ghat

Jandhri Ghat roosted at a height of 2036 meters is placed at a separation of 2 km from Dalhousie. Chamba is lined up with streamlets and tall pine trees that offer guests some lovely cookout spots here.


Panjpula is placed at a separation of around 3 km from Dalhousie. It is the spot where a dropping stream puts into and nourishes a few pools. The standard that supplies water to urban communities of Dalhousie and Balloon is the Panjpula stream. The stream begins from the northern side of Dayakund, which then slices through a gorge to fall into the water bodies spotted in Panjpula.

Sach Pass


Bhuri Singh Museum

Rang Mahal

Laxmi Narayan Temple

St. John’s Church

Bakrota hills

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